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To be a living Museum that embraces development and is a fitting tribute to the legacy of Nelson Mandela.




To exercise effective stewardship over heritage resources linked to Nelson Mandela and thus impact on the development and inspiration of people through education, culture and tourism.




UBUNTU: We are guided by the principles of ubuntu, including respect for human dignity, knowing that a person is a person through people.

SERVICE: Stewardship and conservation are at the core of our business.

INTEGRITY: We do what we promise; we conduct ourselves ethically; and our products, services and information can be relied on.

DEVELOPMENT AND LEARNING: We are a learning, reflective organisation that is a role player in development and helps people to learn.

INSPIRATION: Nelson Mandela inspires us and in turn, we hope to inspire people to be the best they can be.

LEADERSHIP: We seek to lead and excel in our areas and to inspire ethical leadership.

DYNANISM: We are committed to change, speed, and relevance.

ACCESS: We work towards accessibility in diverse ways.

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The Nelson Mandela Museum operating in two sites, Bhunga, Qunu has a dynamic and enviable opportunity to serve South Africa, as a steward of a living legacy, to share and learn the true story of Nelson Mandela in context, in ways that inspire and empower people.

The Museum invites applications from suitably qualified, committed, competent and […]

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