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Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute helps to equip young people to become change agents and advocates of a democratic society while being inspired by the story of Nelson Mandela. This it does by developing the ability of participants to be able to critically reflect on contemporary challenges, develop their interpersonal skills and nurture values of justice and human rights. The vision is to breed a new crop of leaders through a clear understanding of their role in society.

Under the banner of the Leadership Institute, the Museum facilitates two leadership schools, one aimed at learners during the winter vacations and hence its name, the Winter School. The second school takes place in autumn and during the women’s month. This school is aimed at young women who show leadership potential and hence the name Young Women Leadership School.


The Winter School takes place each year during the school winter vacations which is usually between the months of June and July. The school is inspired by the youth of 1976 who reflected on their situation and after an analysis of their challenges, took action to correct it.

Inspired by that history, the school aims to equip young people with the necessary skills to critically analyse and creatively find solutions to their challenges. Some of the past topics that were reflected upon through various mediums such as music, art and poetry are issues of tolerance, race, ethnicity, violence and democracy.

When these skills are imparted to young people it enhances their creativity, social and intellectual development as well as space to discover opportunities for themselves through the sharing of experiences.


The Young Women Leadership School takes place each year during the Women’s month (August) or shortly thereafter in September. The school attracts young women who are in leadership positions in their schools or community.

The school is inspired by the women of 1955 who marched to the Union Buildings to protest against the imposition of passes on women. Inspired by these heroic struggles of women against oppression, the school aims to enhance the leadership abilities of young women.

The sharing of experiences among young women leaders forms the core of the school. In enhancing the leadership skills of young women the school puts emphasis on tolerance, conflict resolution and reconciliation.


The Museum’s outreach programme takes the Museum to the people and in particular, to learners in disadvantaged schools who for various reasons cannot easily access the Museum. The programme also educates the public about Nelson Mandela and the Nelson Mandela Museum.

The programme facilitates interaction with educators and learners in their schools to help the development of learner activities that brief them about the Museum before they come, and evaluate the events afterwards. This assists us in keeping Museum programmes relevant to the needs of learners and educators and complement the curriculum by taking the legacy of Nelson Mandela to where it is needed most.

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