Quilt Exhibition

The Nelson Mandela Museum and the Michigan State University Museum have a long standing partnership that dates back to the times of Nelson Mandela himself. In tribute to Nelson Mandela and in support and advocacy for the principles to which he was devoted, artists around the world would make, among other things quilt items.

But it was for South African and African American artists that made quilts in honouring the passing of Nelson Mandela. The exhibition features the quilts that were made in 2013 and 2014 and were curated by Michigan State University Museum and Women of Color Quilters Network in association with quilt artists across South Africa.

These diverse and powerful pieces of fabric art to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela, a member of Madiba clan, an African, South African who because of his deep belief in non- racialism, non-sexism and democracy became an acclaimed fighter for human rights. The exhibition expands that body of artistic work and helps remember the life and legacy of our great leader. The pieces of fabric with different designs and meanings will contribute to our knowledge and understanding of how the world sees Nelson Mandela. This exhibition was produced from the 2014 published Michigan State University’s catalogue book in 2014.